July Newsletter

I’m very excited to write about Tychos this month. Steve, Jeremy, and I just returned from the [National AAPT meeting in D.C.]( link to https://www.aapt.org/Conferences/sm2018/) and I feel like we’ve finally found our place—our humble little tool is actually helping science teachers in the world. But let me reminisce a bit about how we got here. A Brief History Most of you on this mailing list are educators – I’ve sought you out, interviewed you,…

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April 2018 Newsletter

Hello Tychos Users, Its been a busy April! We have been working on some new features and fixing a few minor bugs. What’s New Block Rotation: We added the ability to rotate blocks! You can now easily rotate any block using the rotate() function. This can be used to model rotational dynamics, or to simply make your simulations look more realistic. Take a look at this Physical Pendulum of a physical pendulum that demonstrates how to…

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